The steps and essential style of jazz dancing, originated from the cultural dances of Africans brought to the America in the 18th century. Originally, the term jazz dance encompassed any dance performed to jazz music, including both tap dance and jitterbug.

Over time, a clearly defined jazz genre emerged, changing from a street dance to a theatrical dance performed on stage by professionals. Some scholars and dancers, especially Swing and Lindy Hop dancers, still regard the term jazz dance as an umbrella term which includes both the original and the evolved versions: they refer to the theatrical form of jazz dance as modern jazz.

Our Jazz classes here are a favourite amongst our dance students, new and returning. This class focuses on teaching not only jazz but also lyrical and hip hop. Students are exposed to dance routines from world renowned stage musical 'Chicago', to the choreography associated with a Beyonce music video.  It also teaches the basic elements of performance and dance technique in a fun and energetic manner.

Click here for an example of the type of routine you can expect from a Jazz class.

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My daughter has been going to centre stage since she was 3 years old and she loves every class she made great friends there and she adores her teachers cannot recommend enough

Colleen Boyle

Can't praise Centre Stage school enough, my daughter has attended since she was 5 years old and enjoys every class she attends. Staff are friendly and professional and bring out the best in every student.

Michelle Geaney

The atmosphere in classes, the variety of the class content and the teaching and guidance from all the teachers had me wanting more.

Shane O'Riordan (Arts Educational School London)