At Centre Stage our singing classes cater for students of all abilities and standards starting from age 7 +.  We also welcome Adult singers who wish to dust off the vocal cords once again, and explore the genres of Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop or Classical. 

Working with our specialist singing teachers, our students are introduced to singing in a positive, enjoyable, learning atmosphere.

The aim is for our students is to gain confidence and achieve their full singing potential.  New One to one Singing students can book from Monday 22nd July, and to read about the fantastic people who teach singing at Centre Stage School (Louise Luddy, Nicole McDonagh, Roisin Lane, Kerry Nyhan and Annamarie Sheehan) click here.


Singing Tutors for 2024/2025 are as follows: 

Kerry Nyhan (Musical Theatre, Head of Singing Department)

Nicole McDonagh (Classical and Musical Theatre )

Roisin Lane (Contemporary Pop and Musical Theatre)

Louise Luddy (Musical Theatre)

Annamarie Sheehan (Classical and Musical Theatre)

One to One Singing Lesson

Students who take a One to One private singing lesson at Centre Stage concentrate in detail on their own individual vocal technique and interpretation. A individualised tailored programme of material will be put in place by the tutor with the student's voice, interests and goals in mind.

Students can choose to study three different genres:

-Musical Theatre (LAMDA Examinations)


-Contemporary Pop, Pock and Folk (Academy of Popular Music Examinations)

All students who wish to take a LAMDA Singing Examination (Grade 3 - Grade 8) will require a private singing lesson. The LAMDA examination sylabus concentrates heavily on acting through song.  

Only students in private singing lessons will be prepared for Feis Maitiu competitons.

We also offer Academy of Popular Music examinations which focus on contemporary styles of singing.  To read more about these kinds of exams click here.

It is also important to note that all examinations are optional and many students choose not to take a singing exam at the end of the year.  The singing exams are often scheduled during the school day which may not suit students, and the organising bodies are generally inflexible about changing times/days, or refunding if the student cannot attend the time/day given. 

Adult Singing students -  We have seen a huge growth in adults taking our singing classes over the last two years and they have really enjoyed dusting off their vocal cords once again!  Time out for us busy Mum's and Dad's is an essential also.....

Singing Tutors for 2023/2024 are as follows: 

Kerry Nyhan (Musical Theatre, Head of Singing Department)

Nicole McDonagh (Contemporary Pop and Musical Theatre )

Roisin Lane (Contemporary Pop and Musical Theatre)

Louise Luddy (Contemporary Pop and Musical Theatre)

Rosie Byrne (Contemporary Pop and Musical Theatre)

Annamarie Sheehan (Classical and Musical Theatre)

Emma Norton (Contemporary Pop and Musical Theatre)

Students work in a group environment learning the basics in good vocal technique whilst exploring a wide repetoire of musical theatre songs. These students are prepared for individual LAMDA examinations (Entry, Grade 1 and Grade 2 only).  Students should be aged 7-12 years approximately.  Any student wishing to take a higher singing grade will need to take a private signing lesson. 

There is a strong emphasis on 'Acting Through Song' in this class as it is strongly required by the LAMDA syllabus. Attending a singing class can really help build a performers confidence and greatly compliments their overall performance skills within a group class, like Musical Theatre, for example.

This class enables students to develop a good ear for music, to communicate freely with other musicians, and to empower them to become well rounded vocalists.

Students in this class are not prepared for a Feis Maithiu competitons.

At the end of Term 1 they will participate in a singing display for their parents and at the end of Term 2 they will take their Musical Theatre Singing exam with LAMDA or Academy of Popular Music (Either is optional - it is important to note that LAMDA and AOPM schedule their exams during the school day, so it may not suit students to take an exam if they don't wish to miss school.  They are also inflexible in changing times/days if they don't suit a student, and they do not refund in the event a student cannot attend).

Maximum of 5 students per class.

NB* Students who progress to LAMDA Grade 3 will require a one to one private Singing Class for 30 mins each week. 


Lucy has been attending Centre Stage since the age of 4.  I can’t thank the teachers and staff enough for all they instill in our kids; the talent, confidence & camaraderie inside those doors are so important, and it's a privilege for any child to be part of, and something which they’ll carry with them through life. 

Lisa Punch

My daughter Aoibhe Lilly has attended Centre Stage for the past 5 years. The overall experience has been phenomenal. She has always enjoyed the high standard of classes on offer. Centre Stage offers a caring, nurturing environment, where love of arts is encouraged, in a place where children can dance, act, sing, laugh and have fun, making lifelong friends and memories. In Aoibhes own words 'It's my happy place'!

Eilish O'Leary

My daughter has been attending Centre Stage School for 4 years. She started with Theatre Tots and moved on ward from there. The musical theatre classes have been instrumental in the development of her self-confidence, as well as her great love for music and dance. The teachers and staff include and encourage all children of all abilities, and each child has a chance to shine. I couldn’t recommend Centre Stage School highly enough. Thank you to everyone there for the amazing work you do!  

Caroline Hayes