Traffic Management Plan


Information of which all parents and staff need to be aware:

Traffic routes/Control - Centre Stage School is located in a workplace estate called Bellevue which includes two other businesses.  There is a ‘One Way System’ in place in the estate.

Pedestrian Crossings - There are currently no pedestrian crossings in the estate.

Access - There is ample room to turn into and back out of parking spaces, including ground-signposted ‘Disabled Parking’.  When all parking spaces are full, there are more spaces available across the road outside the church.

Risk Management

Centre Stage School manage traffic risks associated with pedestrian, plant and vehicular traffic through the following actions:

-Informing all staff/parents of students attending Centre Stage School about the traffic risks of their workplace in Bellevue e.g. there are no pedestrian crossings in the estate so extra care must be taken when walking from one side of the estate to the other, or when driving in or out of estate.

-Informing all staff/parents of students attending Centre Stage School about the safety requirements of the school e.g. following the one way system, paying close attention for pedestrians crossing from one side of the estate to the other.

-Informing staff/parents of students attending Centre Stage School of their responsibility to implement the safety requirements of arriving to, leaving and attending work/classes, parking in designated parking spaces only when leaving car unattended.

-We request that staff and parents of students inform management of any broken down vehicles, or any obstructions that occur on the roadway or pathway.

-Management will regularly monitor and review the traffic management plan.


-Please follow the one way system when driving into Bellevue.

-Please park in a designated parking space when dropping off/collecting students.  If there are no parking spaces available, please park in front of the church and walk your child over to Centre Stage School.

-Please do not double park when dropping off/collecting students.

-Please be aware of pedestrians crossing the road as there are no pedestrian crossings.



Lucy has been attending Centre Stage since the age of 4.  I can’t thank the teachers and staff enough for all they instill in our kids; the talent, confidence & camaraderie inside those doors are so important, and it's a privilege for any child to be part of, and something which they’ll carry with them through life. 

Lisa Punch

My daughter Aoibhe Lilly has attended Centre Stage for the past 5 years. The overall experience has been phenomenal. She has always enjoyed the high standard of classes on offer. Centre Stage offers a caring, nurturing environment, where love of arts is encouraged, in a place where children can dance, act, sing, laugh and have fun, making lifelong friends and memories. In Aoibhes own words 'It's my happy place'!

Eilish O'Leary

My daughter has been attending Centre Stage School for 4 years. She started with Theatre Tots and moved on ward from there. The musical theatre classes have been instrumental in the development of her self-confidence, as well as her great love for music and dance. The teachers and staff include and encourage all children of all abilities, and each child has a chance to shine. I couldn’t recommend Centre Stage School highly enough. Thank you to everyone there for the amazing work you do!  

Caroline Hayes