Dress Code Children

  • Centre Stage School has a mandatory dress code for all classes.  Please click here to get a full list of uniform and dance attire.

Payment Policy

  • All payments for classes are due prior to each 15 week term. (Please note Friday the 4th September all fees need to be paid for Term 1 and no deposit will be returned after this date).  There are two 15 week terms in the academic year: Term 1 - (Week of 4th September to Week of 8th January) and Term 2 - (Week of the 15th January to Week of 13th May). Payments must be made online through our website. 
  • Instalment payments may be offered to families taking three or more classes within one term e.g. Week 1= half fee, Week 7= remaining balance. Instalment payments are also offered to Theatre Tot students in Pre-School facilities.
  • Once full payment is made we will allow for a student to attend class for three weeks (consecutively) before they decide if they are happy to continue for the full term. If they feel the class is not suitable we can then transfer the fee to a different class or refund 80% of the fee.  After the third week, class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Class tuition fees do not include examination fees which are to be paid to the relevant examining board eg LAMDA or Royal Academy of Dance or ISTD. Parents will be made aware when registering for a class if there will be additional exam fees.  You will be notified in advance if your child is not considered ready to take the exam.
  • No refund or credit will be applied in the event that a child cannot attend a class for any reason e.g. illness, injury or clashing event.   

Attendance Policy

  • At Centre Stage School we take great pride in the professional standards of our classes and public performances.  Our class program is a 15 week commitment and it is essential that all students attend all classes. Registering for a class at Centre Stage is a commitment to our teachers and fellow students to attend class promptly and consistently.

Contact Office Policy

  • Under no circumstances should the class teacher be contacted by a parent directly on their personal phone via SMS or WhatsApp. Please contact Centre Stage Office directly with any queries or concerns.  Please notify the office in case of absence. Students arriving ten minutes after class begins may be asked to observe the class. Proper warm-up exercises, as in any physical activity, are critical to building a solid technical foundation and for injury prevention. Only under extreme cases of illness can it be acceptable for a child to miss a performance as all performance work is GROUP BASED. Having one person missing creates huge problems for their fellow class members. Dates for performances are always given well in advance and any absenteeism has to be notified to the office staff in Centre Stage as early as possible. During the rehearsal process for a show, no more than 2 absences will be allowed (unless for severe medical reasons) or you may be asked to withdraw from the show

Class Cancellation Policy

  • Centre Stage School reserves the right to cancel any class(es) that fail to meet our minimum enrolment requirement.  In the event of such a cancellation, you will firstly be offered an alternative class place. If a suitable alternative class place is not available, you will be refunded for any remaining classes in the term.

Child Protection Policy

  • Centre Stage School is committed to protecting all of the young people in our care. A copy of our Child Protection Policy Guidelines is available on request to all parents. Please email us at centrestageschool@gmail.com if you wish to obtain a copy.
  • Photographs taken within the school are done so in a controlled environment by professionals. These photographs are only used for PR purposes for our website, our facebook page and for publication in local newspapers. If you do not wish your child to feature in photographs, please click 'No' beside the relevant question in the 'Student Details' section of your account.

Toileting Policy

  • All students (with the exception of Toddler Tots as it is a parent and child class) must be fully toilet trained.
  • No two children will be permitted to enter the toilet cubicle together - this is to ensure your child's privacy as well as their safety.
  • A staff member will always accompany young children to the toilet and wait outside the toilet door. 
  • We are unable to assist students while on the toilet. If they ask for help to wipe their bums or to pull up their pants, we will simply stand at the door of the bathroom and talk them through the process.
  • ️If a child has an accident during class, please be assured it will be treated in a sensitive and supportive way.  A staff member will accompany them to the toilet and encourage him/her to change out of the wet clothes and into dry clothes (We have a supply of small underwear, leggings and socks in the school).  
  • If your child is asking for physical assistance to change, the following procedure is in place:
    One staff member will enter the toilet cubicle to assist you child, making sure that the door is slightly open.  A second staff member will wait outside the door but must be in a position to see into the toilet cubicle.  One or two staff members can never be with a child inside the toilet cubicle with the door closed.  This is for both the child and staff members' protection.
  • If your child becomes very upset after he/she has a toileting accident and a staff member can clearly see that the child needs their parent/guardian, we will make contact. 



Lucy has been attending Centre Stage since the age of 4.  I can’t thank the teachers and staff enough for all they instill in our kids; the talent, confidence & camaraderie inside those doors are so important, and it's a privilege for any child to be part of, and something which they’ll carry with them through life. 

Lisa Punch

My daughter Aoibhe Lilly has attended Centre Stage for the past 5 years. The overall experience has been phenomenal. She has always enjoyed the high standard of classes on offer. Centre Stage offers a caring, nurturing environment, where love of arts is encouraged, in a place where children can dance, act, sing, laugh and have fun, making lifelong friends and memories. In Aoibhes own words 'It's my happy place'!

Eilish O'Leary

My daughter has been attending Centre Stage School for 4 years. She started with Theatre Tots and moved on ward from there. The musical theatre classes have been instrumental in the development of her self-confidence, as well as her great love for music and dance. The teachers and staff include and encourage all children of all abilities, and each child has a chance to shine. I couldn’t recommend Centre Stage School highly enough. Thank you to everyone there for the amazing work you do!  

Caroline Hayes