Acro Dance

All our Acro classes are taught by three staff members; Michelle (Gymnastics), Lesley Ann (Choreography) and Danny (Flexibility & Strength). In order to develop fully, each student is given a homework sheet where they will have Flexibility, Strength and Skill based exercises to complete at home.  To see availability of AcroDance classes click here.

Each class takes the following structure:

  • Warm Up: This is either an obstacle course encouraging balance, hopping and tumbling or a dance warm up to music
  • Flexibility: The warm up is followed by a structured flexibility programme. Exercises on the homework sheet will be performed to ensure correct application and to ensure maximum effect.
  • Strength: Strength based work mainly for the core will be introduced and progressed throughout the year.
  • Skills: The most important and fun part of the class. Each skill (cartwheel, bridge, handstand etc) will be broken down, demonstrated and taught. As we have three teachers per class we have a small student to teacher ratio to ensure each student gets plenty of attention.
  • Choreography: As the year progresses, and we work towards a performance piece, we will be applying all our new found skills into a beautiful dance which will be performed in our end of year show in Cork Opera House.

Junior (5 - 9 years)

In Junior Acro we take your child slowly through the fundamentals of movement, balance and coordination. We ensure that each class is as fun filled as possible with obstacle courses, games and competitions, challenging and entertaining them, while they grow stronger, more flexible and comfortable with the basics of tumbling, cartwheels, bridges and headstands.  To see availability for this class click here.

In this class we progress the technical level of the class content. We progress their skill level and produce a more advanced skill based and choreographed performance.  To see availability for this class click here.

The senior acro class will be a challenging class where each student is pushed to achieve their full potential in both gymnastic skill and stage performance.  To see availability for this class click here.


My daughter has been going to centre stage since she was 3 years old and she loves every class she made great friends there and she adores her teachers cannot recommend enough

Colleen Boyle

Can't praise Centre Stage school enough, my daughter has attended since she was 5 years old and enjoys every class she attends. Staff are friendly and professional and bring out the best in every student.

Michelle Geaney

The atmosphere in classes, the variety of the class content and the teaching and guidance from all the teachers had me wanting more.

Shane O'Riordan (Arts Educational School London)