Classes performing in Footwork 2019



Posted on: 09 Apr 2019

Classes performing in Footwork 2019

2pm MATINEE Performing Classes

Charleville Theatre Tots 1.50 Monday

MT 5.45 Thursday (3rd & 4th)

MT 5.30 Friday (3rd & 4th)

MT 5.45 Monday (Senior Infants & 1st)

MT 3.30 Friday (1st & 2nd)

MT 3.30 Tuesday (5th & 6th)

MT 5.30 Tuesday (1st & 2nd year)

MT 5.45 Monday (1st & 2nd year)

MT Senior (3rd - 6th)

Pre Primary Ballet 3.45 Tuesday

Grade 3 Ballet 3.30 Wednesday

Grade 4 Ballet 6.30 Tuesday

Intermediate Vocal Company 5.30 Friday

Senior Vocal Company 11am Saturday

Intro to Jazz 12.30 Saturday

Senior Jazz 6.30 Tuesday

Grade 1 Modern 3.45 Thursday

Bronze Modern 7.30 Wednesday

Intermediate Jazz 4.30 Tuesday

Tap 8.30 Wednesday

Intermediate A Dance Company 6.45 Monday

Intermediate B Dance Company 3.30 Friday

Acro 4.30 Wednesday

Acro 5.30 Wednesday

Pop Ensemble (8 - 10 yrs) Wednesday 5.30


7pm EVENING Performing Classes

Kanturk Theatre Tots 4pm Tuesday

Kanturk MT 5pm Tuesday (2nd - 4th)

MT 3.30 Monday (3rd & 4th)

MT 3.30 Thursday (1st & 2nd)

MT 5.45 Wednesday (Senior Infants & 1st)

MT 4.30 Friday (1st & 2nd)

MT 6.30 Friday (5th & 6th)

MT 5.45 Monday (1st & 2nd year)

MT 5.30 Tuesday (1st & 2nd year)

MT Senior (3rd - 6th year)

Dance for Fun 2.45 Saturday

Intermediate Jazz 4.45 Thursday

Senior Dance Company 7.45 Monday

Junior Dance Company 4.30 Monday

Grade 1 Ballet 4.30 Tuesday

Grade 2 Ballet 5.15 Tuesday

Intermediate Foundation Ballet 7.45 Thursday

Senior Vocal Company 11am Saturday

Grade 3 Modern 4.45 Thursday

Acro 3.30 Wednesday

Senior Acro 6.30 Wednesday

Modern Silver Thursday 6.45

Pop Ensemble (11 - 15 yrs) Wednesday 4.30

Book your tickets now!  Click here to book online or call 021 427 0022 to buy tickets from the booking office at Cork Opera House.  Looking forward to two great performances!



My daughter has been going to centre stage since she was 3 years old and she loves every class she made great friends there and she adores her teachers cannot recommend enough

Colleen Boyle

Can't praise Centre Stage school enough, my daughter has attended since she was 5 years old and enjoys every class she attends. Staff are friendly and professional and bring out the best in every student.

Michelle Geaney

The atmosphere in classes, the variety of the class content and the teaching and guidance from all the teachers had me wanting more.

Shane O'Riordan (Arts Educational School London)