School Rules


  • Please note the onus of responsibility is on parents to ensure that your child is safely inside the foyer and directed by a teacher or administrator to the correct class studio.
  • All studios are smoke free, chewing gum free, illegal substance free and (while in class) all mobile phones must be turned off.  Students are strictly prohibited from taking photos in class/rehearsals.
  NO food or drink (except bottled water) is allowed in the dance studios.
  • Appropriate conduct and behaviour is requested at all times. Respect for teachers, staff and fellow students is compulsory at all times.
  • Appropriate dance attire and the correct footwear is compulsory for all dance and musical theatre classes and must be worn at all times. Without the uniform students will not be allowed participate in class.  All required uniforms can be found here
  • Please ensure you take your child to the toilet before class.

  • The school will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to belongings left on the premises.

  • The school shall only allow applicants to participate in a class for which he/she is registered.

  • If a student misses three or more classes per term in a given subject they will no longer be eligible to partake in performances.

  • In preparation for the end of year show 'Footwork' any student who misses two or more classes after the Easter break will no longer be eligible to participate in one of the class items.

  • Students MUST attend 5 minutes prior to class. Students arriving after 15 minutes into a class will not be permitted to enter that class and must wait until an appropriate break.
  • No loitering on the premises.
  • Students preparing for examinations are required to prepare their work thoroughly and to the highest possible standard.  If this standard is not achieved, the student will not be allowed to sit the exam and will forfeit the exam fee.  If a student is preparing for an exam and misses three or more classes they will forfeit the exam and all associated costs.

  • Whilst the school will make every effort to ensure that each class is taken by the nominated teacher for that subject, the college must retain the right to appoint substitute teachers for particular classes if the need arises.

  • Please avoid sending your son/daughter to classes with cash or valuables.

  • Secondary school students are permitted to leave the premises during their break. All other students are required to stay on school premises until the end of class or rehearsal unless we have an email from parents stating that they can leave the studio unaccompanied.
  • Parents/Guardians are very welcome to contact our office to make an appointment to speak with the Director, or one of the teachers, to discuss any aspect of the school. We regret that the college personnel are not available to speak to parents/guardians before, during or after any class without a prior appointment.
  • A €10 charge will be levied for overdue submission of music accompaniment fees/LAMDA fees/dance exam fees.

  • Please note that the last week of term may clash with ‘Footowork 2019'. The Opera House rehearsal is considered the 15th lesson. Any one to one class that is affected by the end of year show rehearsal will be made up by the teacher.


My daughter has been going to centre stage since she was 3 years old and she loves every class she made great friends there and she adores her teachers cannot recommend enough

Colleen Boyle

Can't praise Centre Stage school enough, my daughter has attended since she was 5 years old and enjoys every class she attends. Staff are friendly and professional and bring out the best in every student.

Michelle Geaney

The atmosphere in classes, the variety of the class content and the teaching and guidance from all the teachers had me wanting more.

Shane O'Riordan (Arts Educational School London)